Micelio Discovery Studio has invested in critical, EV specific machinery and industrial space you can benefit from extensively at a very nominal amount. High-value equipment with precision provides you with better test results and support. We are also running open-source documentation and projects to assist in the overall growth of EV technology in the industry.

Equipment Facilities available at Micelio Discovery Studio


Benchtop DMM

Real-Time Analyser

Arbitrary Function Generator

Thermal Camera

Charger Test Bench

Hub Motor Test bench

Power Analysis Solution

Near Field Probe

Cell Tester

PCB Prototyping

Battery Pack Tester

Environmental Chamber



Thermal Chamber

Mixed Signal Oscilloscope


Knowledge Repository

You can explore the Open Source Documents here to gain a better understanding of the particular topic. All these documents are curated with the help of the EV community at Micelio Discovery Studio.

Partner Equipment Hosting Program

Partner Equipment Hosting Program (PEHP), is there to help your company by engaging your EV R&D / testing equipment with other companies having a requirement for the same. We offer our members the option to host their equipment at our facility. The revenue model is on sharing basis and excluding equipment owned by us. Hence, giving flexibility to equipment contributors to set costing along with Micelio Discovery Studio. Please reach out to us on the Contact Us page if you are interested to participate.