Community Projects

Micelio Discovery Studio as a collaborative space aims to enable companies to develop an indigenous electric by collaborating different companies in the EV industry. With an open source vehicle one can aim to innovate faster, achieve quicker marketing, collect new ideas, enable interoperability, and gather diverse viewpoints and contributions in designing and developing an EV. Start-ups in the EV space are contributing to the EV revolution in their own capacities, like building only battery packs, motors, battery management systems etc. Some entities might not have the technological, manpower and financial capabilities to envision developing an electric vehicle. Hence our community projects enhance the EV Network and help companies realise their goals with a low fiscal load.




EV Talent group is a community group that consists of Training Institutions, Talent acquisition groups (HRs) from top EV companies & Training Placement Officers from top engineering colleges. They will offer enriching opportunities to bridge the gap between Academia and the EV Industry.




Micelio Discovery Studio is working for the development of the EV Industry in a non-profit manner. The motive of Micelio Discovery Studio's Open Source Projects is to collaborate with different start-ups to create products for the EV industry which can act as a benchmark for the industry. Our OSPs enable Start ups by helping them to network among themselves and with the bigger counterparts.

Open Source Project brings together different start-ups under a single hood to innovate and create products in a more driven ecosystem which proves to be more beneficial. In our collaborative space, start-ups can choose to invest in the area they are proficient in and at the same time gather knowledge in the areas where they lack expertise.

Ongoing Open Source Projects (OSPs)




Micelio Discovery Studio is organising Joint Commercial Projects to help different start-ups in coming together and creating demand for EV products. In this way we help start-ups in setting up supply chains for custom products in a financially meaningful way. We work as medium in helping the start-ups to collate and reduce the monetary load. Joint commercial projects are in a way involved in product standardisation and thus helping to maintain the sustainability of the product.




Micelio Discovery Studio is also conducting a Joint Testing Exercise, the goal of the exercise is to test different telematics devices from multiple vendors and also help to create a proof of concept with a detailed test report which in turn can be shared among the EV companies in our ecosystem having the requirement for a smart vehicle solution. As it's a joint project the cost of testing and from it is shared among the participating companies which can accelerate the development of the devices according to the market needs.